Automotive OEM Dealer Network


Repair service can be an important revenue stream for OEM dealers. According to 2014 industry data, however, 73% of drivers chose an aftermarket shop instead of using their dealership. Still, one automotive OEM saw an opportunity to capitalize on aftermarket shop work through the wholesales parts market.

To transform opportunity into reality, their dealers needed an integrated marketing program to build awareness with Independent Repair Facilities (IRFs) and collision shops of a better way to secure repair parts. Implementing an effective, nation-wide platform required solving an array of competitive, economic and technology challenges.


NITS Solutions offers expert understanding of the wholesale parts business and the data that supports it. Our unique insight allows us not only to harness the factors driving dealer growth but also implement effective marketing programs quickly. Additionally, our proprietary technologies and process experience helps us create programs that are easy to customizable and intuitive to use.

For this automotive OEM, we created a Wholesale Parts CRM, a comprehensive customer relationship management portal design specifically to expand their wholesale parts business. Key features included:
  • Customer purchase frequency and retention loyalty programs
  • Integrated and customizable multichannel marketing combining e-mail, direct mail, flyers, outbound sales calls and OEM sponsored promotions
  • Reporting/KPIs to analyze their performance and identify untapped opportunities through traditional reporting and interactive maps data visualization
  • Regular data validation, cleansing and other business rules for accurate and timely availability
  • Self-service portal training and best practices for dealers
  • Concierge support (email, phone, chat) for dealer questions
  • Monthly dealer communications to increase program effectiveness.


The Wholesale Parts CRM program was launched in 2013. After its first 11 months, nearly 100 of the OEM’s dealers had adopted the marketing portal. Wholesale parts sales generated from this program resulted in $9.6 million in sales. Additionally, a year over year increase in sales of 1.8 million was achieved.