Import Automotive OEM


In the automotive world, the problem isn’t a lack of data, but making sense of the universe of information already out there. One import automotive OEM wanted to integrate its multiple data collections into one easy-to-use system. This would allow invaluable internal and external information to be accessed by their teams to develop growth strategies for individual dealers.

Vital to this initiative was the ability to collect and store all relevant data—invoices, repair orders, parts master, Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data—into one data warehouse. Access to this information would be through a web-based system, enabling corporate and field personnel anytime, anywhere access to dealer parts, service metrics and sales trends.

The timetable for this project was half that of an implementation typical for this size analytics management program, just six months.


NITS Solutions is an industry leader in large volume data processing and automotive dealer DMS data. For this carmaker, we developed a turnkey solution portal that met all the client’s requirements for information management. Key features include:
  • Integration of multiple information systems
  • Comprehensive visibility to parts and service data
  • Daily, weekly and monthly analysis of dealer DMS data to provide insights and growth opportunities for fixed operations
  • Intuitive interface that enables users to develop growth plans tailored to each dealer’s unique strengths and opportunities
  • Secure web environment


Using off the shelf technologies and proprietary methodologies, NITS Solutions created a single-source portal within the client’s six-month development window. The import automotive OEM has received excellent feedback from users regarding data accuracy and integrity as well as the ability to build customized sales plans for each dealer.