Press Release: NITS Solutions Launches New Web Based Reporting Platform: Aftersales IQ™

Wed. 19 Jul 2017

Centralized data analytics tool gives automotive dealerships greater insights into Fixed Ops performance

NITS Solutions, a data analytics services and solutions provider that helps clients leverage data to identify and capitalize on new growth opportunities, has launched Aftersales IQ™, a web-based reporting platform designed to give automotive dealerships greater clarity and insight into Fixed Operations key performance indicators—including parts, services and accessories sales. NITS Solutions Founder Neetu Seth made the announcement.

Aftersales IQ™ aggregates information from multiple data sources into one centralized, integrated system—effectively allowing decision-makers to quickly and easily analyze sales data to make better business decisions. The product offers several reporting modules, including:

  • Parts Sales, which provides sales trends and metrics by product category, such as mechanical, collision and tires;
  • Parts Inventory, which delivers inventory metrics like inventory turns and idle inventory;
  • Service, which offers insight into customer retention, repair order trends and workshop productivity;
  • Wholesale Parts, which tracks wholesale parts metrics and helps retailers identify opportunities to grow their wholesale business;
  • Accessories, which includes metrics for dealer-installed accessories sales, such as accessory per new unit retailed, by model, by commodity, etc.;
  • Pricing, which gives actionable part level pricing intelligence, such as average transaction price and margins by sales channel;
  • Parts Loyalty, which identifies opportunities for retailers to use genuine OEM parts in lieu of aftermarket parts.

Data related to these reporting modules is displayed in a web-based dashboard that is device agnostic for use on desktops or mobile devices and can be accessed from anywhere. To ensure the integrity of the data and metrics, Aftersales IQ™ uses numerous data cleansing and auditing mechanisms to proactively identify issues and generate resolutions.

“With Aftersales IQ™, we wanted to give our automotive industry clients one product that could take information from multiple disparate data sources and showcase it in a single, easy-to-navigate platform,” said Seth. “Users have the ability to quickly understand key performance indicators, and drill down into specific metrics to see where operational improvements can be made to improve sales and marketing efforts.”

Reports are available to be downloaded as PDFs and Excel spreadsheets for offline viewing. NITS Solutions also provides a dedicated customer support team available 24/7 through phone or email support lines to troubleshoot issues and achieve a resolution.