We transform information into intelligence, potential into profits. Whether you’re an automotive OEM, world-class health care provider or other information-dependent industry, NITS Solutions can unleash the power inside your data.

Analytics and Big Data

Data isn’t about the past—it’s about the future. Using advanced machine learning concepts, algorithms, and next-gen big data technologies, we have the analytical expertise to help you open new paths to profitability.

Expert Analysis
Uncovering patterns. Identifying correlations. Discovering what’s next. By finding the opportunities in your data, we help you create new ways to improve operational efficiency and realize impossible-to-imitate competitive advantages.

Data Visualization
Transforming raw data into meaningful information is our core competency. We specialize in interpreting large amounts of unstructured data to identify and develop new strategic business opportunities. Complex data sets are translated into visual representations, to make acting on that information easy.

Big Data
The more you know, the better. NITS Solutions offers a wealth of resources to complement your existing knowledge base. For example, automotive OEMs can supplement their data with parts master files, vehicle reference data, manufacturer vehicle info and more.

NITS Solutions helps automotive industry to achieve end-to-end effectiveness with their analytical data solutions.  Our integrated platforms utilize AftersalesIQ and other CRM tools to achieve a variety of goals, with ready-to-implement modules for parts sales, wholesale, service, inventory, marketing and many more.

Technology Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions/SaaS
In a dynamic business environment we recognize that technology solutions need to adapt and evolve quickly per your specific needs. With its technology expertise, NITS  can help design and implement software solutions tailored to your needs. Coupled that with our experience in cloud-based solutions we can quickly turn around a state of the art web-enabled application that is intuitive to use.

Custom Business Process Automation
Utilizing cutting edge technology, we customize processes to your specific business needs across traditional, online and mobile delivery platforms to help you meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

Enterprise Architecture
Our robust and scalable application architectures not only help you meet your business goals, but also create a flexible, web-enabled user platform.

Application Hosting and Support
We can set up and manage small to medium-sized software applications. This is a vital service for an enterprise undertaking a cloud migration strategy for their in-house applications.

Technology Consulting
With our team of experts with decades of experience in Application architecture and Oracle RDBMS administration, we can provide insights and industry best practices on your specific technology implementations.

Data Management and Validation

Data is our life. We are experts in managing the data lifecycle. Using our business knowledge, proprietary technology and process automation, we ensure the proper storage, validation and cleansing.

Data Warehouse
We excel in large volume data warehousing. But we do more than keep your information secure and accessible. Our analytical experts can identify behavior triggers and consumer trends, then design a data model to capitalize on that understanding.

Lifecycle management
We house all data in a centralized, secure location. Data quality is continuously optimized to assure a high level of accuracy for use in business decision-making.

We create a complete workflow to manage the validation and resolution lifecycle. This includes strict data mapping, data categorization, item-level process coding and validation rules.

Client Collaboration
Our data validation workflow is designed for your support team to review and comment on your data. We work with our clients side-by-side to ensure we’re capturing the most complete data set possible.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

At NITS, we put data into action with impact marketing strategy and execution. We influence consumer awareness and drive sales with strategies designed for both traditional and digital communication channels.

Strategic Vision
Using your data as a guide, we will develop promotional programs tailored to inform, excite and drive participation.

Wholesale Parts Solutions
We have a cloud-based suite of solutions for dealers and OEMs to manage and execute wholesale parts marketing. This integrated Wholesale Part CRM Marketing Platform provides a turnkey self-service portal for dealers and OEM personnel that is scalable and easy to implement.

Integrated Communications Channels
To engage potential customers and expand your market reach, we offer creative recommendations for all types of media, including email, direct mail, social media and traditional advertising channels. We execute flawlessly to deliver the results you expect.

Campaign Monitoring
Once your marketing is in front of consumers, we monitor engagement analytics through dashboards and sales reports to refine your communication efforts.

Incentive Management Solutions
We offer turnkey solutions to design, execute and manage incentive and bonus programs. Utilizing cloud-based platforms, we coordinate all program deliverables, including strategy, prize packages, marketing and communication channels, rules and eligibility requirements, winner notifications and payouts.

Turnkey Technology
We implement a wide range of powerful technology for your marketing goals, including Wholesale Parts CRM, IntelEblast and SmartMaps.

Additional Services

User Support Center
Users require fast, effective support to answer questions and resolve any challenges. All of our solutions include a variety of channels—phone, email and chat— to connect with us for quick assistance.

Call Center (Inbound/Outbound)
Whether your support needs are small, medium or large, we have an option that fits your budget and goals. We are experts in outbound sales calls, mystery shopping, and promotion awareness. We deliver call center efficiency and productivity to maximize the return on your investment.

Franchised Analytics Solutions
Data at the franchise level can be invaluable in developing strategic and tactical recommendations. We have extensive experience helping franchise organizations identify areas of opportunities and implement effective data programs.

Talent Management Solutions
The right employees are the ultimate competitive advantage. Combining unique processes and TalentIQ, a cloud-based application, we can optimize your human resource potential with skill development, succession planning, performance review and much more.

Program Management
NITS Solutions makes it simple to implement and activate a data analytics program. We offer full-service technology, marketing services and on going monitoring to ensure high quality, on time results.