Capacity Foresight is a new/enhanced dealership service foresight tool which allows dealers, field, and corporate personnel to assess and plan current and future service capabilities.

Primary goal of Capacity Foresight is to help review, forecast and prepare for service capacity growth while also improving reporting and effectiveness.

Key Objectives Of Capacity Service Foresight Are:
  • Ability to generate action plan for each dealer with detailed progress reporting
  • Field and Corporate roll up reporting from National, Regional, Sub-Area and Dealer Level
  • Incorporate real time data feeds as well as manual data/feeds from users/dealers
  • Provide outputs to show current and potential production levels to individual employees
  • Increase usability and intuitive design
  • Calculate forecast and required capacity requirements.
Key Features Of Capacity Service Foresight Are:
  • Tool Website: An online Service Foresight website with single sign-on integration and adhering to the client standards as well as providing easy to use and intuitive visual elements.
  • Data Processing and Integration:

    Ability to handle multiple data feeds types including:

    • Real time and automatic feeds with varying frequencies, which can differ from daily to quarterly feeds.
    • Ability to enter data through manual input as well as capability to set up reminders as to update these manual data inputs periodically
  • Metric Calculations and Analysis:

    Ability to take variety of data inputs, incorporate into formulas and generate metrics and outputs

    • Multiple layered analysis with different types of views for Dealers, area, region, national, etc.
    • Facilitate calculation and reporting of projected needs, while also- comparing current capability to projections
    • Provide productivity comparison (current vs. planned)
    • Production analysis (current vs. potential) at individual level
    • Scenario planning

Metrics and analysis can be expanded or collapsed according to the user and role.