Wholesale Parts CRM

Wholesale Parts CRM is a platform that provides integrated and personalized communication to both mechanical and collision repair shops. This portal builds lifetime loyalty towards Genuine Car parts and dealerships by targeting the right customers with right offer at the right time.

Parts Stocking and Loyalty Management

Parts Stocking and Loyalty is an analytics platform that ingests, cleanses and reports on dealer DMS data to identify new growth opportunities related to Purchase, Sales, Inventory's Utilization and Health. This portal enable user to effectively track dealer performance in both stocking and loyalty.

Parts and Services Analytics

OEMs that collect parts and service sales data from dealer point of sale systems (POS) from all their dealer network within the US market may want to leverage this data for identification of new growth opportunities at both, dealer as well as customer level.

Incentive Pro

Commodity Incentive Program is a program that provides a solution that enables a point-based incentive program that rewards dealer's employee's individual performance. It runs commodities promotions throughout the year.

Capacity Foresight

Capacity Foresight is a new/enhanced dealership service foresight tool which allows dealers, field, and corporate personnel to assess and plan current and future service capabilities. Primary goal of Capacity Foresight is to help review, forecast and prepare for service capacity growth while also improving reporting and effectiveness.

Dealer Installed Accessories - Sales Management

Dealer Installed Accessories (DIA) Sales Management Tool Sales Planning and Inventory Management tool keeps track of the action plan, profits, inventory and Sales Report. It also contains all the parts number inventory at all note within the OEM dealer installed accessories supply chain.

Ports Installed Accessories - Business Management Portal

Port Installed Accessories (PIA) Business Management Portal (BMP) is a full inventory management and forecasting tool that tracks all part number inventory at all nodes within the OEMs supply chain. PIA BMP tool tracks all PIA sales sold as option codes, on wholesale vehicles.

Marketing IQ

OEMs Aftersales Marketing team often require performance monitoring of marketing activities for tracking the effectiveness of campaigns, on regular basis. Marketing IQ (MIQ) portal is supposed to provide both detailed and summary level reporting covering a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for After Sales marketing activities.