OEMs Aftersales Marketing team often require performance monitoring of marketing activities for tracking the effectiveness of campaigns, on regular basis.

A web portal that can help accomplish the following would be ideal for this scenario:

  • How Promotional campaigns (sent over Email and/or Mail) are performing,
  • How many communications were sent out, how many customers responded, what was the campaign revenue etc.

Also, this platform would help OEMs to touch-base with their customers on a regular basis so as to call them for service of their vehicles and maintain good relations / reputation with end customers.

Marketing IQ (MIQ) portal is supposed to provide both detailed and summary level reporting covering a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for After Sales marketing activities.

To address the concerns related with marketing, MIQ portal is developed which is majorly categorized as follows:

  • Dashboard: Landing Page of portal which is supposed to provide a variety of metrics and call to actions to the dealer using different visualization techniques.
  • Retention Communications: At a high level, these metrics/reports will be mainly centered around communications sent, responders, response rates, and revenue generated from Retention Communication marketing.
  • Promotional Campaigns: For all types of campaigns, results include communications sent (counts), responder tracking, response rates, revenue generated from the campaign, and ROI.
  • Call Lists: This module provides dealers the ability to access, view and download customer lists based on various prescriptive scenarios. These lists are to be used by the dealers to make actionable marketing decisions - including phone campaigns, database updates, opportunity reviews along with any other offline action which a dealer intends to take depending on list information.
  • After Sales Digital Marketing KPIs: This module will be used to show high level KPIs for selected after sales digital marketing initiatives with the intent that MIQ reporting portal will be used as one stop shop for all after sales marketing KPIs.
Features on which measurement of KPIs are done & displayed on User interface are:
  • Dimension Selection: Time, Geography, Vehicle, Loyalty Segment, Channel
  • Geographical Benchmarks (Regional, National, Area Aggregates)
  • Contextual help (information icon button) on reports.
  • Chart and Table View.
  • PDF and Excel Exports - available based on report type
  • Breadcrumbs (when drilling down)