Dealership Fixed Operations Analytics

Data isn't about the past-it's about the future. Using advanced machine learning concepts, algorithms, and next-gen big data technologies, we have the analytical expertise to help you open new paths to profitability.

Program Management

Information is Power. But we believe that the ability to put that information and data to our advantage- is actually true power. You define your objective and we suggest you the ideal path for successful implementation.

Data Management and Validation Services

Data is our life. We are experts in managing the data lifecycle. Using our business knowledge, proprietary technology and process automation, we ensure the proper storage, validation and cleansing.

Data-Driven Marketing Execution

At NITS, we put data into action with impact marketing strategy and execution. We influence consumer awareness and drive sales with strategies designed for both traditional and digital communication channels.

Incentive Automation and Management

Channel management personnel, savvy marketing and sales professionals look to provide their customers as well as channel ecosystem with the programs which are compelling and grasp customer attention.

Custom Technology Implementation

In this fast paced high-tech business environment, we understand that one size fits all is not the norm of the day. Therefore, we come up with customized technology that our clients seek for to make their experience count-worthy.

Dealership BDC Solutions

BDCs form a crucial aspect of the dealership. It is found that as high as 80% of the buyers begin their research over the Internet. Now, just consider this- multitudes of consumers enquire about the purchase at various dealerships, and the right response system in place is the key to earn business.