Custom Technology Implementation

In this fast paced high-tech business environment, we understand that one size fits all is not the norm of the day. Therefore, we come up with customized technology that our clients seek for to make their experience count-worthy.

Cloud Based Solutions/SaaS

In a dynamic business environment, we recognize that technology solutions need to adapt and evolve quickly as per your specific needs. With its technology expertise, NITS can help you design and implement software solutions tailored to your needs. This coupled with our experience in cloud-based solutions, we can quickly turn around a state of the art web-enabled application that is intuitive to use.

Custom Business Process Automation

Utilizing cutting edge technology, we customize processes to your specific business needs across traditional, online and mobile delivery platforms to help you meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

Enterprise Architecture

Our robust and scalable application architectures not only help you meet your business goals, but also create a flexible, web-enabled user platform.

Application Hosting and Support

We can set up and manage small to medium-sized software applications. This is a vital service for an enterprise undertaking a cloud migration strategy for their in-house applications.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Today, when the markets have no boundaries and new trends are emerging in the blink of an eye- AI and ML have established themselves as technologies that will drive the future. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a bundle of technologies that help companies automate their business processes and operations to drive growth and efficiency. The technology empowers computers to replicate human intelligence in a reliable manner. ML and AI has made it possible to study data and gain valuable insights for the businesses.

Many companies in the AI space continue to work in the areas of technical automation, capturing expert knowledge and explore their expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Virtualization, Decision Management and Robotic Process Automation.

Technology Consulting

Technology as a domain, is ever-evolving. And, in this dynamic process, we work with you not only as consultants but as collaborators to give you the best suited solution for your technical concerns. With our team of experts enriched with decades of experience in Application architecture, Data Lake and Oracle RDBMS administration, we can provide insights and industry's best practices on your specific technology implementations. We advise clients on what we believe is best for their business in a manner that fosters relationships and builds trust.