Dealership Fixed Operations Analytics

Data isn't about the past-it's about the future. Using advanced machine learning concepts, algorithms, and next-gen big data technologies, we have the analytical expertise to help you open new paths to profitability.

Expert Analysis

Uncovering patterns. Identifying correlations. Discovering what's next. By finding the opportunities in your data, we help you create new ways to improve operational efficiency and realize impossible-to-imitate competitive advantages.

Data Visualization

Transforming raw data into meaningful information is our core competency. We specialize in interpreting large amounts of unstructured data to identify and develop new strategic business opportunities. Complex data sets are translated into visual representations, to make acting on that information easy.

Big Data

The more you know, the better. NITS Solutions offers a wealth of resources to complement your existing knowledge base. For example, automotive OEMs can supplement their data with parts master files, vehicle reference data, manufacturer vehicle information and more.


NITS Solutions helps automotive industry to achieve end-to-end effectiveness with their analytical data solutions. Our integrated platforms utilize Aftersales IQ and other CRM tools to achieve a variety of goals, with our ready-to-implement modules for parts sales, wholesale, service, inventory, marketing and many more.