Parts Stocking and Loyalty is an analytics platform that ingests, cleanses and reports on dealer DMS data to identify new growth opportunities related to Purchase, Sales, Inventory's Utilization and Health. This portal enable user to effectively track dealer performance in both stocking and loyalty.

It also provides the ability for dealers to monitor their performance and implement improvements on the given KPI, such as Parts Breadth, Same Day Fill Rate% etc.

This portal evaluates the feasibility of incentivizing dealers for utilization of tools to help realize parts sales growth opportunities. This portal also provides continuous and flexible evolution of metrics, analytics and reports.

The portal encompasses two module viz. Stocking and Loyalty.

Stocking is a supply of goods kept on hand for sale to customers by a dealer. Pertaining to part inventory, this portal would enable the users or dealers to monitor their performance based on availability, Utilization and health of inventory.

Key metrics which are included under stocking are Parts Breadth%, Same Day Fill Rate%, Inventory Turns and Days of Supply, SSA and Non-SSA Inventory, Inventory Aging, Ideal inventory and New Parts with No Sale.

Loyalty is the parts sold/purchased by the dealer that are Genuine OEM parts. It measures the proportion of genuine OEM parts to the total parts in the dealer's inventory. Pertaining to loyalty, this portal would enable users or dealers to monitor their performance based on sales and purchase of parts that are genuine OEM parts.

Key metrics which are included under loyalty are Genuine Parts Usage%, Genuine Part Usage Efficiency%, Purchase Efficiency%, Purchase Opportunity, Purchase Loyalty%.