Wholesale Parts CRM is a platform that provides integrated and personalized communication to both mechanical and collision repair shops. This portal builds lifetime loyalty towards Genuine Car parts and its dealerships by targeting the right customers with right offer at the right time.

It also provides advanced map-based interactive visualization's SMART MapsTM and detailed online reporting, and analytics at the individual dealer, customer, and contact level.


Client wanted a cloud based solution which provides an integrated platform for dealers to manage and execute wholesale parts marketing.


CRM provides a turnkey wholesale parts marketing solution so as to meet diversified and complex needs of OEMs. Following are the key features of our solution:

  • Cloud based Wholesale Parts CRM Marketing Platform
  • Self Service Portal for dealers and OEM personnel
  • Advanced map based interactive visualization's SMART MapsTM
  • Detailed online reporting and analytics at individual dealer, customer and contact level
  • Established customer service and support processes.
  • Wholesale CRM provides several channels for apt communication with the wholesale customer. For each channel, CRM monitors and tracks detailed metrics to assess channel/campaign ROI and effectiveness, and refine/improve future communication.
  • Direct Mail/ eBlast is meant to generate awareness and purchase intent with customers on a regular basis via targeted traditional postal mail. This will most often include post card size mailers sent to customers with regular frequency (we use these types of mailers with our existing clients). The exact frequency of communication is generally implemented monthly or determined jointly with OEM stakeholders. All this is based on the overall CRM strategy.
  • On-demand marketing is to enable dealers to execute marketing, which is specific to their needs.
  • CRM platform tracks the lowest level of data that it consumes or generates on a daily basis, including parts sales transactions and detailed marketing transaction (e.g. direct mail, email, etc.) for each channel and for each customer.
  • Application operating for all Dealers and Corporate users with role-based security and Single Sign On (SSO) authentication.